Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things Change Fast

As I sit here and listen to the thunder outside as a storm approaches and I wait for 2am to get here to I can begin my 26+ hour trip to Austin, TX for this year’s Big Android BBQ I thought I would write a blog post.

Here goes…

My dad came home tonight. They were supposed to do an MRI on his liver, but he’s too big to fit into the machine. The hospital he was at doesn’t have an open MRI. So, since they couldn’t do that, he has been stable and they’ve run all the tests they can on him, they sent him home. They seem to think that these episodes are stress related. They also think he’s depressed somewhat. They have him on anti-depressants for like a month. He’s also on some breathing meds because he’s been congested and having trouble breathing. We weren’t really sure it was a good idea to be sending him home, but after we talked to his regular doctor, we began to feel a little better. He said if there’s nothing else they can do for him it’s better that he comes home. If he’s in the hospital he’s more likely to get an infection or catch something. So he was sent home with a new collection of medication to add to his old collection. My mom is going to call his doctor tomorrow to make an appointment for Monday as that’s the soonest he can get him in. Other than that things are the same. However my school schedule changed again. My second class was cancelled, so I had to send both of my textbooks back, the lady in the textbook department told me I have to confirm my schedule again and I’ll have new books shipped to me. I have the option to have them overnighted for an extra $25 and I’m going to do that. This way when I get back from Texas my books will be here waiting for me. So anyway, that’s about all from me for tonight. I probably won’t post again until next week.

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